It's A Long Way From That Sort of Thing You Were Raised

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My Brother Woody / 2007-08-06


My Brother Woody is the creation of Irish songwriter Michael Cleare. The band name comes from the name of a song by The Free Design. "Warm indie-rock awash with the summer harmonies of late 60s pop culture, their debut is proving to be quite a pleasant indulgence. Described before as The Beach Boys meets Teenage Fanclub, the material is buoyantly harmonic, yet more often than not remains delicate in delivery. The album opens in an elegant and delectably frail manner with 'Another Wave Of Harmony' before leading into the confident and uplifting brass sounds of 'Wish I Was A DJ', injecting quite a jazz-pop lift to that Beach Boys summer vibe. Elsewhere the album is nicely poised between dippy and melancholic moods, and is quite a triumph of indie-pop!" - "Full of infectiously catchy melodic sounds with a real emphasis on the summery pop sound, it has a real 60's pop feel to it with lots of great vocal harmonies and some lovely mellow brass sounds strategically placed in their superbly written catchy pop songs!" - Road Records "This record does a few things to me: One thing it does is make my toe tap. That immediately gets my vote. Great grooves all over the place. And secondly: It feeds my power pop and songcraft jones like no one's business! What if Dennis Wilson sang with The Pernice Brothers and the songs were co-written by Pernice, Paul Westerberg of The Replacements, Paul Weller (circa Style Council), Crowded House, and arranged by Brian Wilson and Sufjan Stevens? It would be My Brother Woody. This band is standing tall in the classic tradition of great Dublin pop bands (Pugwash and The Thrills to name two in a city packed with amazing pop bands). This record is pop with a capital 'P', and shows a lot of work and dedication to the art of songwriting. The arrangements are mature and subtle and the lead vocals are strong and sure. If you like your music catchy, filled with pop, meaningful, and with a lot of soul, then this is for you!" - Nelson Bragg Spot on Nelson!

It's A Long Way From That Sort of Thing You Were Raised的曲目列表

01. Hanging Around
02. Shelly
03. Getting Old Goes With Getting Fat
04. Your New-Found Taste
05. Super Serotonin Girl
06. I Got A Gurl
07. Wish I Was A DJ
08. When Summer Comes Around
09. Not Exactly What You Dreamed of
10. Another Wave of Harmony
11. I Only Like Songs With Bops, Oohs & Aahs

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