12 Tales From Winter City

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Young Republic / 2008-01-28


来自波士顿音乐学院的the Young Republic用他们的长笛, 小提琴, 钢琴,管风琴和非洲鼓,展示了他们的可爱和活泼。八名成员用丰富而漂亮的喧噪给我们带来如此美妙的礼物,让我们在冬天里感觉不到半丝寒意。有着Belle & Sebastian般的优美旋律,the Modern Lovers般的明快, 加上歌舞剧般的俏皮.可以从中感受到他们有很多的想法,而不是唱些过耳即忘的小调调。

12 Tales From Winter City的曲目列表

1. Girl In A Tree
2. Modern Plays
3. Excuses To See You
4. Girl From The Northern States
5. Everybody Looks Better In Black And White (A Reference To AFilm)
6. She's Not Waiting Here This Time
7. She Comes And Goes
8. Real Love (At The End)
9. Paper Ships
10. When I See Your Eyes I Swear To God That Worlds Collide
11. Blue Skies
12. Goodbye Town

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