Good Things Coming

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Udo / 2008-03-22


Udo Mechels (Brussels, 10 May 1976), artist name Udo, is a Belgian singer. He won the first Belgian edition of X-factor in 2005.
In 2003 Udo was one of the participants of the first edition of Belgian Idols (Idool 2003). Unfortunately, in the semi-finals, not he, but Chris D. Morton and Tom Olaerts made it to the next round. In 2005 he gave it a second shot with The X Factor. This was his breakthrough. He won the show convincingly in December 2005. Since then, his debut album U-turn was released, and he scored his first number #1 hit with his debut single "Isn't it time" (cover of the Babys song). He received a gold record for this album (for more than 20 000 sold copies) during the TV-programme Tien om te Zien (4 July 2007)
After this, he released the singles "Winter In July", "Back Against The Wall" and "Eyes Of A Stranger".
2006 was also the year he received a TMF Award for "Beste Nieuwkomer" (best new artist) and the Radio 2 trophy for "Doorbraak van het Jaar" (breakthrough of the year!)
His new album is expected to be released in January 2008.
Udo has his own live-band "Udo Live!", with a first performance on 28 March 2007 at De Zuiderkroon in Antwerp. The live band consists of : David Demeyere (drums), Jan Samyn (keyboard), Roberto Mercurio (bass), Chris Van Nauw (guitar), Marva Nielsen and Dany Caen (backing vocals).
On March 30 2007, Udo won the show Zo is er maar één on the flemish tv station één. He performed the song 'Ik mis je zo' by Will Tura. Udo released this song on 19 April 2007, with as a b-side 'Tu me manques', the french version of this song. He received a gold record for this song during Tien om te zien (Broadcasted on 5 September 2007).

Good Things Coming的曲目列表

01 - You Got A Good Thing Comin'
02 - A Way Back To Love
03 - Beautiful
04 - Didn't
05 - Ain't Life A Bitch
06 - Foolish
07 - One Of A Kind
08 - Memory Of Us
09 - The One
10 - What Are You Waiting For?
11 - Love Radar
12 - I Am Back Again

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