I Will Go

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Starfield / 2008年3月25


Starfield is a multiple Covenant Award winning Christian music group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Starfield was originally formed by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, both from Winnipeg. Since then Shaun Huberts and Gordie Cochran, both of Victoria, British Columbia, have joined the band. Prior to Gordie, Johnny 5 was the drummer until he left around 2004. Shaun Huberts left the band 9 August 2006, after his last performance at the DCLA Convention in Anaheim, CA. His replacement is Dave Crisp. The band moved back to Canada (Abbotsford, British Columbia) in the fall of 2006 after several years of living in Nashville.
I Will Go, will be Starfield's third album released by Sparrow Records. It will be released on March 25, 2008. According to Starfield's official website, it was recorded in the Fall of 2007 in Nashville, TN and in their hometown in Vancouver, BC. It will consist of 10 brand new songs including, "I Will Go", "From the Corners of the Earth", "Reign In Us", "Holy is Our God", and Hillsong United's "Hosanna".

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From The Corners Of The Earth


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