Fascination Pt. 1

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Alphabeat / 电子 / 2008-03-04


Part One of Two. UK two track CD pressing of the second single pulled from the 2008 debut album by the uber-popsters from Denmark. Alphabeat combine the passion and energy of CSS at their happiest and The B-52's at their best with selected highlights of the last 30 years of innovative Pop thrown in for good measure. Alphabeat's proposition is simple - it's 100% sunshine-fuelled, feel good music whose chief aim is to prompt the moving of feet. Features two versions of 'Fascination': Main Version and Bimbo Jones Remix. Famous Charisma.

Fascination Pt. 1的曲目列表

1. Fascination [ 3:04]
2. Fascination (Bimbo Jones Remix) (Radio [ 2:59]
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