Changing of the Seasons

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Ane Brun / 民谣 / 2008-03-12


Ane Brun (Norwegian pronunciation: [ɑːnə ˈbrʉːn]; born Ane Brunvoll on 10 March 1976 in Molde, Norway) is a Norwegian songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of Sami origin

Changing of the Seasons的曲目列表

1. Treehouse Song
2. Fall
3. Puzzle
4. My Star
5. Ten Seconds
6. Changing of the Seasons
7. Lullaby for Grown-Ups
8. Raise My Head
9. Armour
10. Round Table Conference
11. Gillian
12. Don't Leave
13. Linger with Pleasure

Changing of the Seasons的短评(19)

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