Femme Fatale

8.4 28人评价

Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar / 爵士 / 2007-08-28


Wolf Myer (along with collaborator Parov Stelar) delivers a thoughtful album of emotional vocal downtempo/lounge influenced by jazz, soul and pop. Tracks range from the smoky jazz of "FACE THE FUTURE" to the folky "GET UP" to the sexy "HELL."

Femme Fatale的曲目列表

01 soulgate (feat. lilith)
02 get up (feat. roia)
03 quicksand (feat. nika zach)
04 caught (feat. rebecca colland)
05 flowers (feat. gabriella hanninen)
06 is it me (feat. lilith)
07 silent tango (feat. nika zach)
08 hell (feat. gabriella hanninen)
09 illusionary waves (feat. kristina lindberg)
10 face the future (feat. gabriella hanninen)
11 bittersweat (feat. the_dining rooms)
12 funky bastard (feat. lilith)

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