Taylor Swift Karaoke: Reputation

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泰勒·斯威芙特 Taylor Swift / 流行 / 2018-03-09


Taylor Swift Karaoke: Reputation的曲目列表

1....Ready For It? (Karaoke Version)
2.End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future) [Karaoke Version]
3.I Did Something Bad (Karaoke Version)
4.Don't Blame Me (Karaoke Version)
5.Delicate (Karaoke Version)
6.Look What You Made Me Do (Karaoke Version)
7.So It Goes... (Karaoke Version)
8.Gorgeous (Karaoke Version)
9.Getaway Car (Karaoke Version)
10.King of My Heart (Karaoke Version)
11.Dancing With Our Hands Tied (Karaoke Version)
12.Dress (Karaoke Version)
13.This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (Karaoke Version)
14.Call It What You Want (Karaoke Version)
15.New Year's Day (Karaoke Version)

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