Game Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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克里夫·马丁内兹 Cliff Martinez / 原声 / 2018-02-16

Game Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)的曲目列表

1、Let's Get Drunk
2、Does Anyone Have Any Food Allergies
3、You Have To Try This Cheese
4、I've Seen His Dick
5、Don't You Johnny Cochran Me
6、Oh My God I Shot You
7、Isn't That Your Neighbor
9、Son of Boomer
10、Officer Down
11、All We Did Is Eat the Pellets
12、If You're Late He Dies
13、I'm Not the Best Judge of Chemistry
14、I Cheat At Everything
15、Fight Clubs Are Real
16、A*****e Walks Among Us
17、We're Not Digging Thru Your Feces
18、Bullet Hole Rides Again
19、That's How You Get the Drop
20、Ryan Spots the Egg

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