Can't Speak French Pt. 1

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Girls Aloud / 2008-03-18


Part Two of Two. Enhanced five track CD pressing of this single pulled from the British female Pop band's Tangled Up album. On the single, Nicola, Cheryl, Sarah, Kimberley and Nadine team up with Xenomania as they cut ’n’ paste a mix of sounds and styles to create another irresistible Pop classic in the making. Features four versions of 'Can't Speak French' (Radio Edit, French Version, Passions Remix and Enhanced Video) plus 'With Every Heartbeat' (Radio One Live Lounge). Polydor.

Can't Speak French Pt. 1的曲目列表

01. Can't Speak French (Radio Edit) 3:22
02. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais 3:44
03. Can't Speak French (Passions Remix) 6:08
04. With Every Heartbeat (Radio One Live Lounge) 3:59


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