Me + You + The World

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Dave Barnes / 2008-04-01


Following the release of his second independently recorded and launched album
Chasing Mississippi, Dave Barnes began writing material for his next album while
touring. During this tour, Barnes co-headlined a tour across the central states
of the United States with best friend Matt Wertz. While on tour, Barnes was
approached by Razor and Tie, a commercial recording label. Having studied
Recording Industry Management in university, Barnes had developed the opinion
that he should not engage in contracts with recording labels, however decided
that in order to expand his musical audience, he would need to do so and signed
an agreement with Razor and Tie, with whom he recorded the newly written album
Me and You and the World.
As this album is his first commercial release, two songs have been included from
his previous independent efforts, "On a Night Like This" and "Until You", which
both originated from his first album Brother, Bring the Sun. Originally upon the
announcement of the track listing, the song "Someday" was speculated as being a
re-recording and minor renaming of "Someday, Sarah" from his second album
Chasing Mississippi, however it was actually a separate song altogether. The
final track from the album is named "Annie", which is Barnes' wife's given name.
The first single from the album is the re-recorded version of the song "Until
You". The song's arrangement is nearly identical to the original, however is
marginally slower, includes various additional guitar fills in the background,
and additional backing vocals are evident towards the end of the song.

Me + You + The World的曲目列表

1. Brothers & Sisters
2. Since You Said I Do
3. Until You
4. When a Heart Breaks
5. Good World Gone Bad
6. On a Night Like This
7. Carry Me Through
8. Believe
9. Someday
10. 10,000 Children
11. Nothing Else
12. Annie

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