The Love Triangle EP

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Kero One / 2007-04-02


Brand new remixes by Kero One of three classic tracks from Common, Erykah Badu, and Andre 3000. The remixed tracks are dance floor friendly but maintain that jazzy, feel good funky soul that Kero One is known for. The EP includes 5 tracks with plenty of live instrumentation (Fender Rhodes, Fender Bass, Jazz guitar, vintage synths, etc.). Concept: Common, Erykah, and Andre of Outkast all shared the same passion, the passion to make good music. Additionally, Common and Andre 3000 shared something else in common: Erykah Badu. They did however have differences, as their romantic relationships with each other didn't last long. Kero One attempts to sort out the differences, bringing them together for one last time to shine on the same record, 'The Love Triangle EP', out on Plug.

The Love Triangle EP的曲目列表

Side 1
1. Common - "The Light" (Kero One remix)
2. Common - "The Light" (Kero instrumental)
3. Erykah Badu - "On An On" (Kero One remix)
Side 2
1. Andre 3000 - "Roses" (Kero One remix)
2. Andre 3000 - "Roses" (Kero instrumental)

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