Sham Wedding - Hoax Funeral

8.2 27人评价

Okkervil River / Shearwater / 2004


Ivan Grach has compared writing for Okkervil River and Shearwater’s new album to that on ‘Sham Wedding - Hoax Funeral’ - but has declared the lyrics will be even more terrifying. While no new Okkervil River and Shearwater album is in sight, the artist has been road testing new songs during 2004 tour in Europe. Sham Wedding - Hoax Funeral carries a very emotional theme throughout the album. This album is a scorcher!
Murderess is Okkervil River and Shearwater’s best work in years. Moonshiner is the best music that I have heard from anyone in any area of music. So much energy, so exciting a sound.Unravel is another favourite of mine. All The Pretty Horses the elegant and beautiful song on the album is hard to describe. Happy Song For My Friends (2:48) Not one of my favorites, but for a lot of people this is one of their best songs. This is the most melodic ambitious and satisfying track in Sham Wedding - Hoax Funeral. This is probably my favorite song on the album. Touble in Mind good vocals. Never Come Again is one of the best records ever.

Sham Wedding - Hoax Funeral的曲目列表

1 See See Rider 4:56
2 Murderess 5:03
3 Moonshiner 1:59
4 Willow Tree 3:53
5 Unravel 4:42
6 All the Pretty Horses 4:26
7 Happy Song for My Friends 2:48
8 Cool My Blood 4:46
9 Mountain Laurel 2:24
10 Trouble in Mind 3:47
11 Never Come Again 3:44

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