Breed Obsession

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Gyroscope / 2008-03-11


gyroscope's brand new album 'breed obsession' is due out in march, with it's first single 'snakeskin' making it all the way to number 16 in this years triple j's hottest 100, and the second single '1981' receiving rave reviews, the album is sure to be a winner. having just completed the national big day out tour, the perth boys have little rest before they burn up the roads in their tour van through feb & march to give punters a taste of what's to come.

Breed Obsession的曲目列表

1. Snakeskin
2. All in on One
3. These Days
4. Australia
5. O.K.
6. Weapon. Enemy. Friend.
7. Polyphons and Multidors
8. River Between
9. Her Design
10. 1981
11. Silver Heart
12. Time

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