Astor Piazzolla: Adios Noniño

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Astor Piazzolla / Astoria / 2007


A string quintet, a grand piano, and the fluttering chromatic accordion of leader Christophe Delporte: at first sight Astoria's approach is classical, like the background of its members. The group's first Piazzolla CD was awarded Disc of the Month in October 2006 by Argentine tango magazine La Salida. This second album, with the added sensation of percussionist Santo Scinta, was recorded during a concert at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.

Astor Piazzolla: Adios Noniño的曲目列表

1_ Michelangelo 70 2’41
2_ Otoño Porteño 5’17
3_ Tristeza de un doble A 5’29
4_ Nuestro tiempo 3’59
5_ Escualo 2’56
6_ Milonga sin Palabras 5’31
7_ Regreso al amor 5’35
8_ Oblivion 4’11
9_ Libertango 3’01
10_ Primavera Porteña 4’37
11_ Adios Noniño 8’33

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