In Ghost Colours

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Cut Copy / 电子 / 2008-04-08


Cut copy are set to return in 2008 with the shimmering timelessness of 'in ghost colours'. Haunted with machines of the past and sounds of the future, 'in ghost colours' inhabits the kind of space in time where trends are irrelevant and music is about feeling rather than following and 1969 is just as relevant as 2020. At once both jacking and jangly, electronic and organic, cut copy have crafted a record filled with glorious sounds and moods but also unabashedly pop song structures and hooks and melodies for eons. The progression from 'bright like neon love' to 'in ghost colours' is brazenly apparent from opening track 'feel the love', an acoustic guitar led stomp of a space rock tune, instantly unforgettable and with recognizable cut copy sheen. Where 'bright like neon love' was charmingly vague and hazy, 'in ghost colours' is to the point and efficient in it's songcraft, with vocals much more apparent and whitford's imprint all over every track. The record is sewn together with passages of woozy dreamscapes between the straight out jams.

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Feel the Love


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