The Party's Over

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Talk Talk / 流行 / 1982


The Party's Over was the debut album by Talk Talk. It was released in 1982 and produced by Colin Thurston, who was a former engineer for David Bowie but was better known for producing Duran Duran's first two albums.
In the United Kingdom, the album's single "Today" was a top twenty hit. The remixed version of the single "Talk Talk" reached #1 in South Africa in 1983 (and #23 in the UK). In the United States, the album entered the Billboard Top 200 reaching #132, while the single "Talk Talk" peaked at #75.
In New Zealand, the album was a hit, peaking at #8, due to the success of "Today" which reached #10 in 1983.

The Party's Over的曲目列表

1. Talk Talk
2. It's So Serious
3. Today
4. The Party's Over
5. Hate
6. Have You Heard the News?
7. Mirror Man
8. Another Word
9. Candy

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