Twenty One

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Mystery Jets / 摇滚 / 2008-03-25


2008 sophomore album from the Britpop outfit, an awe-inspiring collection of oddball Pop songs. A clear departure from their debut album, these four young men have grown up in more ways than one. Produced predominately by DJ legend Erol Alkan, Twenty One is a huge stylistic and emotional leap forward for the band. This new emotional depth dovetails neatly with the band's raised musical ambition on the steamrollering rhythms of the first single 'Young Love'. 12 tracks. 679.

Twenty One的曲目列表

1. Hideaway
2. Young Love (feat Laura Marling)
3. Half In Love With Elizabeth
4. Flakes
5. Veiled in Grey
6. Two Doors Down
7. MJ
8. Umbrellahead
9. Hand Me Down
10. First To Know
11. Behind The Bunhouse
12. Twenty One (hidden)

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