Civilize The Satanists

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Acetate Zero / 2008-02-25


Acetate Zero formed in Paris, France in 1996.
In the early stages of the band, they mimicked the sounds of a meeting with Disco Inferno and Dead C. Over thelast ten years, they have subtly yet expanded on, minimized, and perfected their gorgeous timbre. Surely you will hear elements of Bedhead, Mogwai, and other such name-droppings. But they also incorporate electronic elements, loops and skittering additives, much like mid-to-late period Hood, perhaps. However, theirs is a sound that is all their own - one for late nights and grey skies and mournful beauty.
The first single appeared in 1998, followed shortly in 1999 by their debut album 'Softcore Paradise' - released in an edition of 200 vinyl-only copies and selling out almost instantly. This album has since been reissued via US label Drumkid Records (originally slated for Slumberland Records but did not happen for reasons-unknown). As the band puts it, their finely honed and perfectly refined sound was now "A certain melancholy post lo-fi air of nothing."
Several singles later, the group emerged with their second album 'Ground Altitude' in 2002, followed by 'Crestfallen', their 3rd album, in 2004 - both albums released on French label Arbouse Recordings. Again, these albums arenow out of print and Acetate Zero leaves the masses yearning for more.
Acetate Zero's performance are rare, less than two dozen in their decade of existence. During that time, they have played with Album Leaf, Encre, The New Year, Empress, and even took part in festival MO' FO # 4.
Most recently they have toured in february 2006 with Rothko, intended to coincide with the release of « Somehow About Perfection », their last 12’’ out on Clairecords in USA, probably the best introduction of their melancholic
sharp tended guitars.

Civilize The Satanists的曲目列表

Definition Of Fall
Wooden Ride
Icecap Decline
Sure To Vanish
Endless Equation
Desert Fields On Fire
We Create Something We Want To Destroy
Freak Wave
Vanity Mirror
Devastation And Renunciation
One To Count Cadence

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