Dirty Mind

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Sara Melson / 2008-02-26


Sara Melson grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana, the child of two professors, in a house crammed full of books. “I’d spend hours in my room writing. I have stacks of journals, full of lyrics, poems, random bits of stories,” Sara says. She was also obsessed with her parents’ record collection, memorizing every note and word of her favorite records: The Stones, The Beatles, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Dylan, The Band, Neil Young, Bowie, and Van Morrison.
Classically trained on the piano, Sara taught herself the guitar. “I started on acoustic, and was itching to rock,” she says. “Pretty soon I had a really loud amp and a bunch of pedals, and began making lots of noise. I could only play the proverbial three chords at first, but was putting my words to music almost immediately. Interestingly, it was through discovering guitar that I realized I could actually write my own songs on the piano as well, instead of being wedded to reading off of sheet music.”
With her self-produced debut album Dirty Mind in stores February 26th, Sara is ready to hit the road, both solo and with her band. “I want to let my music take me wherever it wants to go,” she says. “On record, you capture a unique moment in time. It’s amazing and beautiful to have that documented, but I’m constantly evolving beyond that as an artist, as a singer and as a player. If you come to see me live expecting to hear just what’s on the record, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised."

Dirty Mind的曲目列表

01. Feel It Coming
02. Anywhere Anytime
03. Never Been Hurt
04. Hard Pressed
05. Dirty Mind
06. Turquoise Sky
07. Rise Up
08. Fall Down
09. Don't You Wanna Know
10. Happy Endings
11. Nuclear Sun
12. Birthday Prayer
13. Turquoise Sky (Acoustic)

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