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Altan Urag / 2006


Centuries ago our great ancestors had conquered half the globe and amazed the world with our tradition thus we the young generation gave the blessed name “ALTAN URAG” to our band. ALTAN URAG means next generation of the king’s (Khan’s) throne. We play folk rock music and our band was formed in May, 2002. That same year we performed our first time gig at the “Roaring Hooves” international ethnic, contemporary music festival in Mongolia. Our music is collaboration between traditional based modern influenced. The goal and future of band and music is to promote our Mongolian culture and introduce traditional music to youngsters all over the nation. Spring 2001. We graduated “Traditional music class” of dance and Music College. The first public gig was at the international contemporary music festival entitled “Roaring Hooves” in May, 2003. “Foals’ been born” was our very first album and it was released in 2004 under the recording studio called “Egshig” Foal’s been Born 2004 1.Native Mongolia 2.Dawn 3.Untitled 4.Singing Wind 5.Of faraway 6.Surf 7.The people of Mongolia 8.Great Mongolia 9.Aliens 10.Unsteady The album itself is brought new tunes to Mongolian traditional music. Folk, contemporary works of ten tracks include “Foal’s been born”, “Singing Wind” and “Surf” are well-known to fans. The mastering and mixing was handled by sound engineer N. Maidar. It was released here in Mongolia in June 15, 2004 and was printed in Russia. In 2006 the band was signed to Sonor Records, at the time 2nd album was under work. That year in October, entitled “Made in Altan Urag” was released from Sonor records and quickly hit the music stores’ shelf. Made in Altan Urag 2006 1.Intro 2.Requiem 3.Mother Mongolia 4.Blue Mark 5.Waves 6.Abroad 7.Shiree Lake 8.RaKH II 9.Beast featuring. Naran 10. Great Mongolia 11. Outro The second album was more to the folk-rock genre. Includes 11 tracks of traditional music being amplified with rock music effects. Featured artists include Naran (vocals), Erdenetsetseg (traditional singer; vocals), Andrew Colwell (guitar) and Badamkhatan (horse fiddle). Sound mastering was done in the same studio where the works were recorded and well known Mr. N. Bold (a.k.a Tomo) was the executive mastering and mixing engineer. Album was released in November 15, 2006 and in a matter of weeks it reached the top 10 best-selling albums by Hi Fi records’ store. It’s still doing well in the chart (based on fact; 2006-6-16) Fans’ favorite tracks of the album include “Blue Mark”, “Mother Mongolia” and many more. Band’s first music video was filmed in 2005 for the song titled “Surf” and by DeSoft studio. Second video was for “Mother Mongolia” and this one was filmed and produced by Zaya‘sh studio. Third video is off the album Made in Altan Urag, “Abroad” and featured guitarist Andrew Colwell on the track and video. Khasui entertainment produced. December 6, 2004. “Foals’ been born” album promotion concert was held in Ulaanbaatar. Two years later the second album (Made in Altan Urag) promotion and the opening of Khan Theatre were held at this theatre. Celebrieties, music experts and media personnel were invited and it truly showed the band’s ideal stage and music. International touring came in December, 18th 2004 which took place in Russia’s culture and science centre. “Made in Altan Urag” cd-day was held in Ikh Mongol restaurant here in UB, where the band now plays three times a week. Atmosphere was full of energy, excitement and of course traditional music. December, 2005. Russia. A major gig in Russia, very first international concert kick off point. January 18th, 2006. Vietnam, Hanoi. Tour continued there and next stop was Bangkok of Thailand. Back in Russia in May 25th, 2007. Band plays at the city of Erkhuu. The band’s music is not only airing on local stations and World Wide Web, it is featured on films such as 2006 movie directed by PETER BROSENS and JESSICA WOODWORTH’s “KHADAK”. “MOTHER MONGOLIA” is nominated and won some awards at various film festivals. These include: Perhaps the biggest one is won in Venice, 2006. Luigi De Laurentiis Awards gave best film soundtrack or score if you prefer to Altan Urag. Russia’s film festival “Spirit of Fire” gave silver medal to “Khadac”. The film is currently nominated at the following places and festivals: Sao Paulo, Thessaloniki, Mar del Plata, Leeds, Hof, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Bangkok, Moscow (German Film Event), Vilnius, Warsaw, Bratislava, Istanbul, Cyprus, Innsbruck, Rome (Desert Nights) and Washington DC (Environmental Film Festival). During a month from april to may 2007, the band hit the road to Russia for once more. This time to record the score for Sergey Bodrow’s “Mongol” which is about Chinggis Haan and is vast military ride. The recording was done in St. Petersburg’s radio studio and mixing and mastering was done in Germany and Great Britain. The music was backed up by St. Petersburg’s orchestra and that makes it very special of kind of collabaration. Also near future festivals include in Norway “Riddu Riddu” in 2008. Email: Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Suhbaatar district, Mongolian Puppet Theatre


3/Ijii Mongol/Mother Mongolia/3:24
4/Khukh Tolboton/Blue Mark/3:23
6/Khiliin Chandad/Abroad/3:05
7/Shiree Nuur/Shiree Lake/5:49
8/RaaKH II/3:01
9/Araatan featuring.Naran/Beast/4:03
10/Ikh Mongol/Great Mongolia/3:27





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