This Crying Age

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Morthond / 1991


Catalog#: CMI.12
Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tribal, Ambient
Credits: Artwork By [Background Painting] - Jouni Havukainen
Artwork By [Collage] - Morthound
Artwork By [Lettering] - Samuel Durling
Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - Karmanik Family, The
Artwork By [Typesetting] - Jimmy Lönning
Flute [Indish] - RWL
Notes: Recorded at Barnsliga Skivor Studio in June 1991.
In 1992 Morthond changed the spelling into Morthound. First released under the new name was "Spindrift" (CMI. 15). The act was started in Sweden by Benny Nilsen now in the act Hazard. Morthond covers a variety of dark ambient styles with a neoclassical edge, and a variety of experimental moments.
Releases include:
Spindrift (CD) Cold Meat Industry 1992
The Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World Beautiful (CD) Cold Meat Industry 1994
As Morthond: This Crying Age (CD) Cold Meat Industry 1991
There is also an American Black Metal band with the same name.

This Crying Age的曲目列表

1 The Age Of Crying (15:33)
2 Frames (7:36)
3 Age Of Dreams (17:48)
4 Glaciers Of Scandinavia (12:31)

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