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Children Of Bodom / 2008-04-15


Enhanced CD pressing of the first single pulled from their 2008 album Blooddrunk, their sixth studio release overall. Children Of Bodom are the five piece outfit from Espoo in Finland who, since the latter part of the '90s, have been building a reputation as genuine market leaders. COB can be as downright brutal as any of the extreme Metallers when the occasion demands, but what places these guys on the cusp of breaking into the Big League once and for all is the way they can suddenly dish up huge swathes of melody and instantly memorable choruses. Features two versions of 'Blooddrunk' (Main Version and Enhanced Video) plus the non-album cover version of Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell'. Spinefarm.


1 Hellhounds on My Trail 3:58
2 Blooddrunk 4:05
3 LoBodomy 4:24
4 One Day You Will Cry 4:05
5 Smile Pretty for the Devil 3:54
6 Tie My Hope 4:14
7 Done With Everything, Die for Nothing 3:29
8 Banned From Heaven 5:05
9 Roadkill Morning 3:32





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