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The Duke Spirit / 2008-02-04


‘Neptune’ was produced by renowned Queens Of The Stone Age and Soulwax producer Chris Goss at the legendary Rancho de la Luna recording studio at the Joshua Tree in Sacramento, California. The album was also mixed by respected engineer Tom Elmhurst, who has worked on an impressive array of records from Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, Roisin Murphy and more.
‘Neptune’ sees the band take on a stronger, weightier sound; the product of long days spent in the desert with time and clarity to craft a new setlist of disarmingly seductive and passionately commanding songs which both confirm and cement their position as one of the UK’s brightest female-fronted rock ensembles.


1. I Do Believe
2. Send A Little Love Token
3. The Step And The Walk
4. Dog Roses
5. Into The Fold
6. This Ship Was Built To Last
7. Wooden Heart
8. You Really Wake Up
9. The Love In Me
10. My Sunken Treasure
11. Lassoo
12. Neptune's Call
13. Sovereign





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