Shipwrecker's Diary

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Prurient / 2004-01-06


"Shipwrecker's Diary" - the most pure noise recording that Prurient has done to date. In order to meet the criteria for the series III "aggressive all the time" this release focuses more on speed, texture, current, and reoccurring themes - as generated by electronics, more so than enviormental and atmospheric passages. Source sounds were also provided by Lindsey Watkins and Macronympha for extra spice. This disc is a tip of the hat to the harsh noise community!

"Dominick Fernow (Prurient) places the first thirteen of the fifteen tracks here in the extreme, pure 'n' load noise sector of new music. The pieces differ from each other only in the tiniest of ways; all are uniformly high volume with at least one layer of sound concentrated in the ultra-high pitched realm, a liquidized scalpel perfect for slicing through innocent eardrums. There's an affiliated rumble that, in tandem with the knife-piercings, might make for a reasonably efficient nausea producer in some listeners. The 33-minute disc closes, however, with two brief tracks that consist only of a young girl's voice, speaking quietly, pleadingly, as though relaying a hushed message over voice mail. It's an effective, oblique way to end. I can't say it's a bad recording-as a sonic emetic it might certainly serve to clear out one's ears a bit." Biran Olewnik

"Behind Prurient is one Dominick Fernow, of whom I didn't hear before. He uses here source material provided by one Lindsey Watkins and Macronympha - now there is a name I do recognize. I am told that 'Shipwrecker's Diary' is the most 'pure noise recording by Prurient to date'. The cover advises us to play this CD 'at high volume'. We have entered noise land here. Fifteen tracks in just over thirty-three minutes - that is a good thing. Speed is kept up to a maximum level. Prurient uses electronics. Whatever he uses to feed into the electronis, I wouldn't know, as the distortion level is quite high here. More cut-up than say Merzbow, but with similar sound intention, makes this Prurient probably not the most original fellow travellers in the world of noise, but it's certainly not the weakest link in noise. Short and to the point: that's how I like them." - Vital Weekly#408

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