In My Sanctuary

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OVUM / 摇滚 / 2017-12-06


Through repeated trial and error, the band began searching for the next true sound that would speak to them, but then realized it was the sheer passion that had accompanied them in their formative years when they were first awakened to music that was the root and source of their musical expression. Based on this, OVUM decided on taking a heavier, more aggressive approach―to run with the sound that had captivated them from the start.
In March 2016, OVUM demonstrated this new "instrumental rock band" concept with the release of a 3-track EP, "Nostalgia," that merged well-defined rhythms using twin pedal with metal-inspired guitar riffs.
Four years on, the band returns with a full-length album, "In My Sanctuary," and with it a solid, freshly acquired originality that can be described as "metal-oriented instrumental rock," pushing to greater heights their newfound aggressiveness and the beautiful melodies that remain at their core. To further drive home this point, the album also features a string quartet, lending eye-opening ferocity and intricacy to dramatic compositions woven by both the quartet and OVUM themselves, as well as to the songwriting skills that first give their vision life.
"In My Sanctuary" is OVUM's career magnum opus, given flesh through the band's renowned compositional skills and musical tenacity.

In My Sanctuary的曲目列表

1.Childhood's End
3.The Age Of Blue
4.Bloom In The Dark
7.The Light Illuminates My Heart
8.Still Longing

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