Beyond Borders

8.5 11人评价

Jesse Cook / 世界音乐 / 2017-09-15


As someone's been listening to the Canadian-based guitarist for the past decade & own all of his post-Narada releases, this CD, while not offering nothing really new is still a good album. Despite the album title, only the opening, & closing tracks have a worldbeat sound to them. The rest is either your normal nuevo flamenco one expects from Cook (“Double Dutch”) or the mid-tempo music with strings he's been doing since “The Blue Guitar Sessions” (“Unchosen” & “Above the Rain”). He also has 2 really good solo pieces here as well- “Lost” & “A Mi Nimi”, both offered a chance to hear Cook's guitar playing-without accompaniment.
All in all, a good release for fans of his of for these for like nuevo flamenco. Just don't expect anything new this time.

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Beyond Borders


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