All-American Trash

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BROCKHAMPTON / 说唱 / 2016-03-24


ThisBrockhamptoncrew has grown a lot in the last year or two of their official existence and I’ve been watching them grow from the start. Today they’ve just released their first project as a collective. At 13-tracks long,All American Trashis sure to be filled with plenty of different vibes and eclectic sounds as each member contributes his own style into the project. I highly, highly recommend lending your ears to this, it’s only the beginning for theseBrockhamptonkids.

All-American Trash的曲目列表

1.Encinoft. Ameer Vann & Henock Sileshi
2.Ben Carsonft. Merlyn Wood & Ameer Vann
3.Michiganft. Kevin Abstract
4.Infatuationft. Merlyn Wood, Rodney Tenor & Russell Boring
5.Breakfastft. Ameer Vann & Kevin Abstract
6.Mosscliffft. Ariel Wendt
7.Contactsft. Rodney Tenor
8.Palaceft. BearFace, Matt Champion & Russell Boring
9.Flip Moft. Dom McLennon & Merlyn Wood
10.Homeft. Matt Champion & BearFace
11.Cotton Hollowft. Merlyn Wood & Dom McLennon
12.Poisonft. Ameer Vann & Matt Champion
13.Lost In Loveft. Russell Boring

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