Ash - Édition Deluxe

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Ibeyi / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2017-09-29


★力邀Kamasi Washington、Chilly Gonzales等人合作,富涵种族人文思考,深沉、率直、绝对超龄!
Ibeyi的音乐非常强调「融合」,而且是深至骨、浓于血的融合。Diaz姊妹生于巴黎,是古巴知名打击乐手Angá Díaz的掌上明珠,母亲是委内瑞拉血统的歌手。11岁时Naomi和父亲学习打击乐,并与姊妹Lisa-Kaindé一同学习约鲁巴民谣。遂其根源,约鲁巴人是16世纪拉美奴隶贸易的受害者,种族历史垄罩在天主教之下。2011年,古巴强人卡斯特罗解除人民私置财产禁令,Diaz姊妹和妈妈在哈瓦那买了一栋房屋,希望能成为真正的家,不用频繁来往。
新专辑《Ash》从她们的出身出发,Lisa-Kaindé在16岁时曾遭法国警方诬陷逮捕,于是她写下〈Deathless〉,希望短短三分钟能让弱小的人觉得强大,团结起来建构一个更美好的世界。强大的信念架构在avant garde和neo soul的风格上,让这样的音乐听起来不再虚无飘渺,犹如新世界乌托邦的祷歌。〈Ash〉以约鲁巴、英语交替演唱,似乎隐隐呼应圣经「本是尘土,仍要归于尘土」,字句单纯,寓意深远。
XL主理人Richard Russell素来是潮流的风向球,Adele、FKA twigs、 M.I.A等人全都自此发光发热。然而《Ash》不光是光鲜亮丽的听觉与视觉,当我们踏触到Ibeyi的心,直会不断思考所处的境地,和那份想为世界贡献一力的心。
On September 29th, Ibeyi will release Ash via XL Recordings. Their first album, the eponymous Ibeyi, grappled with the past—the sister’s relationship, origins, loss, and roots. It earned them fans and collaborators in some of the most iconic and crucial artists of today, Beyoncé and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre included. By contrast, Ash is a more visceral and potent political statement, and while firmly rooted in Afro-Cuban culture and history, finds itself entirely concerned with Ibeyi’s present: Who Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi are, what’s important to them, and how they live today, especially given that the spheres, both personally and politically, are entirely different from when Ibeyi was recorded. It’s also a testament to their cathartic live performances, where they’re able to transmute a vast array of emotions—sorrow, anger, sensuality, happiness—to and through their fans. Ash is also a study in deft electronic production. Ibeyi worked once again alongside XL head Richard Russell, a confidante and friend, to produce Ash at his studio. “We absolutely wanted, 100%, to work with him again: It was not even a question,” Lisa-Kaindé says. “Richard is an amazing producer...wherever you want to go, he will guide you there. But it feels like you’re playing with him. You’re sharing ideas together and he has an amazing ear. It’s like a flow, it’s really easy.” To that effect, Naomi adds: “It’s like we produced the album too, actually, and it’s a good feeling.” Along with Russell’s stylized production sensibilities, Ibeyi drew from a host of influences ranging from Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Meshell Ndegeocello, Erykah Badu and Nina Simone and beyond, to craft the wide-ranging musical landscape of Ash.

Ash - Édition Deluxe的曲目列表

01. I Carried This For Years
02. Away Away
03. Deathless (feat. Kamasi Washington)
04. I Wanna Be Like You
05. No Man Is Big Enough For My Arms
06. Valé
07. Waves
08. Transmission/Michaelion (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)
09. Me Voy (feat. Mala Rodriguez)
10. When Will I Learn (feat. Chilly Gonzales)
11. Numb
12. Ash

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