Petite Afrique

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Somi / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2017-03-31


Petite Afrique, the new album from superb jazz chanteuse Somi, is a song cycle inspired by the vibrant African immigrant community that has become a vital part of Harlem s cultural dimension and to New York City as a whole. The historic uptown neighborhood fondly boasts of West 116th Street as "Little Africa," where passersby can find any number of African immigrant shops selling a vast array of products and food. Over the last decade, gentrification has crept deeper into Harlem, pushing the African immigrants out. With Petite Afrique, Somi ensures that the stories and struggles of New York City's largest African community do not disappear without having ever been told. The songs on the album are based on Somi's conversations with diverse members of the Harlem community reflecting on themes of transnationalism, cultural difference, assimilation and gentrification. Blending modern jazz, African music and the singer-songwriter tradition, Petite Afrique is an amalgamation of the musical and cultural worlds that resonate with Somi as an African AND American woman and a proud Harlemite.

Petite Afrique的曲目列表

01 – Disappearing Act I
02 – Alien
03 – Black Enough
04 – The Wild One
05 – They’re Like Ghosts
06 – The Gentry (feat. Aloe Blacc)
07 – Kadiatou the Beautiful
08 – Holy Room
09 – Disappearing Act II
10 – Let Me
11 – BLUE
12 – Go Back to Your Country (Interlude)
13 – Like Dakar
14 – Midnight Angels

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