The Moon & You

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Rejjie Snow / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2017-05-18


With plenty of delays plaguing his upcoming album "Dear Annie", rapper Rejjie Snow has revealed plans on a brand new mixtape he has plans to release for free on May 18th, 2017. "The Moon and You" features guest appearances from Joey Bada$$, Jesse Boykins III, Joyce Wrice, Dana Williams and Julian Bell.

The Moon & You的曲目列表

1. Intro
2. Unborn
3. Fashion Week
4. African Dragon
5. Purple Tuesday (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Jesse Boykins III)
6. Me and My Piano
7. Sunny California
8. Hope
9. Mama Africa
10. Get It (feat. Joyce Wrice)
11. Milk Man
12. Pink Flower (feat. Dana Williams & Julian Bell)
13. Acid Trip

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