A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring

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Perihelion Ship / 摇滚 / 2016-01-20


A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring is the self-funded debut album of Perihelion Ship, an extreme progressive metal band, co-founded by Andreas Hammer and Jani Konttinen in Finland, 2013. In addition to the commonly used techniques of the genre, the album also features a use of Hammond organ in the vein of classic 70's rock acts, combined with a use of Mellotron inspired by classic progressive acts such as Anekdoten and Änglagård.
music by Andreas Hammer
lyrics by Jani Konttinen
production by Kris McCormick @ infinity horizon
mastering by David Castillo @ Ghost Ward
art by Mikko Jaakonsaari
arrangements and performance by Perihelion Ship:
Andreas Hammer - Guitar, Vocals
Jani Konttinen - Hammond Organ, Mellotron
Jouko Lehtonen - Bass Guitar
Jari-Markus Kohijoki - Drums
additional performances on final track:
Joonas Pyhtilä (Carved In Ashes) - Drums
Alma von Creutlein - The Many Voices of the Godmachine

A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring的曲目列表

1. Misplaced Rainfall 08:58
2. The Emperor Idea 07:38
3. Fool of White Antlers 08:57
4. The Poet from the Mad Moon 04:48
5. A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring 21:07

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