Modern Kosmology

6.8 37人评价

Jane Weaver / 流行 / 2017-05-19


“Epic kraut-pop opera teeming with motorik rhythms and analogue synths.” NPR
“A mind-expanding delight, devoid of retro posturing.” Guardian
“Sparkling strangeness from one-woman genre-buster..superb.” Uncut
“Intoxicating space-rock.” MOJO
Modern Kosmology sees Jane Weaver's melodic-protagonist channeling new depths of creative cosmic energy within. After the huge critical acclaim of 2012's “Fallen By Watchbird”, followed by 2015's exploratory “Silver Globe” LP winning her unanimous “record of the year accolades” and hefty measures of radio play-listing Jane Weaver's conceptual trajectory has sent her neo-kosmische penchants to the point of no-return.
Jane Weaver's unwaning yearning for psychoactive pop energy has just reached a new level of magnetism. As snowclones go, Modern Kosmology is the new Silver. Another Spectrum to add to the tension.
Jane Weaver also announces a short run of album launch shows in the UK this May, ahead of more extensive UK and European touring to be announced later in the year.

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