Les voix interieures


轻音乐 / 2016-11-25


It was composed at the invitation of the producer of André Gagnon in Japan, Mitsuo Takaku, following the tsunami that struck the Japanese archipelago in 2011. Still never endured, she Finds its place here, homage to the inhabitants of this country where the pianist has had triumphant tours and where he always has many admirers - The internal voices will appear moreover there in 2017.

Les voix interieures的曲目列表

01. Perdue et retrouvée
02. Petite nostalgie
03. Pour cor anglais
04. Pour Carla
05. Parfois trop court
06. Presque improvisée
07. Fin d'après-midi
08. Tierces
09. Compassion
10. Aria

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