"Awaken, My Love!"

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Childish Gambino / 说唱 / 2016-12-02


It’s Donald Glover’s eye-popping soul riot. And like everything he's touched in 2016, his third Childish Gambino album is a slow-burning triumph. The robust hip-hop of previous records is parked and in its place arrives sweltering soul and mussed-up funk. Opener “Me and Your Mama” is a deep, exultant opus that makes plain Glover’s ambition, the exquisite “Redbone” sees him access a register (and vibe) that Prince would approve, while “California”—a sort of breezy calypso jam with a judicious use of wood whistle—captures the effervescent and completely intoxicating spirit of a very special record.

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Me and Your Mama


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