Norwegian Rain

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大卫.蓝兹 David Lanz / 轻音乐 / 2016-11-01


After spending several summer's in Norway, my wife, Kristin Amarie's homeland, I found a special kinship with an old upright piano that had belonged to Kristin's grandfather. This instrument and I became close friends in between sight seeing and spending time with my Norwegian family... and much of this new music began on this beloved family instrument.
I now have a special place in my heart for Norway...
Those feelings can all be heard here and felt like a cool morning mist in the Fjords...
like notes falling from the skies. The piano's echo of a sweet Norwegian Rain.
—David Lanz

Norwegian Rain的曲目列表

01 – Norwegian Rain
02 – The Approaching Storm
03 – Cloud Burst (Interlude)
04 – And Skies Opened Up
05 – Autumn Comes Winter
06 – Fjord Spring
07 – The Last Days of Summer
08 – A Child for All Seasons
09 – Sirkel Dans (Circle Dance)
10 – Troll-Dans (Troll-Dance)
11 – She Is… (Interlude)
12 – Kristina
13 – Adieu Sweet Mary
14 – Sunset over Nordland
15 – Aurora’s Sunrise
16 – Waltz of the Northern Moon

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