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电子 / 2016-09-30


2016 release. Dothan, Alabama continues to roar with the sound of Hart Ramsey and The Northview Christian Church. As the follow-up release to the successful Next Now, Hart Ramsey & the NCC Choir deliver an interactive session of Praise & Worship through True Story. Filled with the message of healing and restoration, True Story speaks to the body of Christ as a whole. The single "Blown Away" highlights every aspect of this release. It communicates to the listener that in our journey despite where we are a person or people, God's endless and amazing love reaches past our adversities and showers us with an everlasting love. "Here We Are" and "Friendship" are songs of perseverance and recovery. In our ever-changing world, we tend to forget that grace covers a multitude of sins. True Story reminds us that our transparency is the first step in receiving true healing and that there is strength in our unity as a whole.


Killing Time






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