A New Place 2 Drown

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King Krule / 放克/灵歌/R&B / 2015-12-10


A New Place 2 Drown is the second album by English singer-songwriter Archy Marshall better known by his stage name King Krule. It was released on 10 December 2015. The album accompany a book also named A New Place 2 Drown that showcases the poetry and artwork of Archy and his older brother Jack.

A New Place 2 Drown的曲目列表

disc 1
01.Any God of Yours
03.Arise Dear Brother
04.Ammi Ammi Jamie Isaac
05 Buffed Sky
06.Sex With Nobody
07.Eye's Drift
08.The Sea Liner MK 1
09.Empty Vessels
10.New Builds
11.Dull Boys
12.Thames Water

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