Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride


Drowning the Light / 2007


Azgorh All instruments
Tape version limited to 188 handnumbered copies
(first 88 numbered in Azgorh's blood and have a different layout and bonus tracks taken from the split with Sabnack).
Tape reissue with pro A4 cover released by Hammer of Damnation in March 2008, limited to 333 with "Flames of Sacrifice" demo as bonus tracks.
CD version released by Slava Satan Records in August 2007, limited to 1000 copies.
CD re-released by Hammer of Damnation in July 2011 with an alternate cover and bonus tracks from the "Flames of Sacrifice" demo.
LP version by GoatowaRex in September 2007, limited to 150 copies.
Re-released in picture LP by Zyklon-B Productions in february 2010 and limited to 188 copies.
LP also released by Deathrash Armageddon (Japanese edition), in late 2010, limited to 500 copies with OBI-strip.

Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride的曲目列表

Side A
1. The Cry of the Wolf 01:45
2. Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride 08:38
3. My Honour Is True 03:37
4. Fight... Till the Lonesome End 04:40
Side B
5. Immortal Bloodline 03:51
6. To the End of Time Part II 04:46
7. Lucifer, He Who Lights My Path 04:35
8. Last Breath 04:12

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