Songs in the Dark

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The Wainwright Sisters / 2015-11-13


Songs in the Dark is the debut album by the Wainwright Sisters, a singer-songwriter duo featuring the Canadian-American Martha Wainwright and her American half-sister Lucy Wainwright Roche. The album, released on November 13, 2015, includes lullabies that their mothers Kate McGarrigle and Suzzy Roche sang to them as children, plus songs by Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rogers, and their father Loudon Wainwright III. Family members credited on the album include Lily and Sylvan Lanken and Anna McGarrigle on vocals, and Jane McGarrigle on piano. Other contributors include Brad Albetta on bass, keyboards, and organ, Thomas Bartlett on piano, Tom Mennier for bell arrangements, Éloi Painchaud on banjo and harmonica, and Joel Zifkin on violin. Albetta and Sylvan Lanken are also credited as audio engineers; the former received additional credits for mixing. The Wainwright Sisters will promote the album with a series of three performances in New York City, London, and Montreal.

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Prairie Lullaby


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