Impressions from Paris to Prague

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Brian Crain / 轻音乐 / 2015-09-08


This album is a reflection of my experiences and thoughts while traveling through Europe. Many of the compositions on this album include both piano and accordion. I greatly appreciate the French and Italian accordion styles and have enjoyed infusing their uniqueness into my writing.
~Brian Crain

Impressions from Paris to Prague的曲目列表

01. Paris Lights 04:21
02. Midnight Rain in Venice 03:29
03. Light Hearts 03:06
04. Reflections in the Windows 03:20
05. Two Dancers and a Song 03:26
06. Passing Trains 03:44
07. Ballet of the Little Cafe 03:11
08. Dancing With Eyes Closed 04:49
09. Vienna Rendezvous 02:28
10. Unexpected Dance 04:12
11. A Simple Life 04:03
12. Praha Reverie 05:03

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