Digital Witness

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St. Vincent / 电子 / 2014-06-17


Darkside — the project comprised of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington — has a fairly solid back catalog of remixes. Not only have they reworked Nick Drake, The Knife, Brian Eno, Bear in Heaven, and one another, but they achieved quite a feat last summer when they tackled the entirety of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.
Today, they unveil their latest with a remix of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”, from the singer’s recent self-titled album. Whereas they’ve applied a light to moderate touch with past efforts, the duo totally revamp the track, slowing down the groove and pacing, shifting Annie Clark’s artful croon into a monstrous slur, and moving the emphasis from the trademark sax to swirling studio effects and dub bass. Though jarring and abrasive, it somehow remains decidedly funky and danceable, although I don’t think the Cabbage Patch would quite fit.
The remix will be available on 12-inch vinyl along with the original single, a capella, and instrumental versons.

Digital Witness的曲目列表

01 Digital Witness (Album Version)
02 Digital Witness (Darkside Remix)
03 Digital Witness (A Cappella)
04 Digital Witness (Instrumental)


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