Fading Frontier

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Deerhunter / 摇滚 / 2015-10-16


Following hints over the weekend, Deerhunter have now announced details of their next album.
'Fading Frontier' is the indie rock group's seventh album and follows on from 2013's 'Monomania'. It will be released on October 16 via 4AD.
The Atlanta band, consisting of Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Frankie Broyles, Josh McKay and Lockett Pundt, have also shared the lead track from the LP in the form of 'Snakeskin'. Watch the video for that song below.
Deerhunter will also play shows in the UK and Ireland during October and November, including dates in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Leeds, Brighton and Glasgow. Tickets for those gigs go on sale on Friday (August 21).
Cox recently claimed during his set with side-project Atlas Sound at NXNE festival that the new Deerhunter album "sounds like INXS".

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