Straight in No Kissin'

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Big Talk / 摇滚 / 2015-07-24


Ronnie Vannucci Jr is one quarter of one of the biggest bands on the planet. As the drummer for The Killers, he's part of an outfit that has sold millions of records and performed on the world's biggest stages. Looking for an outlet for his personal songs, Ronnie formed Big Talk after The Killers to a break in 2010. Big Talk further explores the post-punk that originally influenced Vannucci with a thumping, dramatic sound that conveys emotion while driving listeners to the dance floor. Working with Strokes and Minus The Bear producer Joe Chicarelli, Big Talk recorded and released their self-titled lp in 2011 and just recently released their second album "Straight In No Kissing" which has more of a "live punk rock songs" feel to it. Something which Vannucci describes as having "nice pop sensibilities but with men playing the parts, not machines".

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