In Dream

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Editors / 摇滚 / 2015-10-02


On a windswept coastline on the West Coast of Scotland stands an artist's escape called Crear. The single one storey building rises from the rolling grass lands unobtrusively, blending into its dramatic backdrop with a disguised sense of modesty, a remarkable structure masquerading as just another building. Inside a creative area floor to ceiling windows form an entire side of the space, the views stretching out to the sea and beyond, the removal of any sense of boundary all too apparent. Given its total isolation, the nearest settlement being a six mile drive away down track roads, the very actuality of the building is a testament to a belief in the unlikely, to paraphrase Lloyd Grossman, 'who the hell would put a building here?' To add to that a now pertinent second question is 'who the hell would record an album here?'
It seems appropriate that this is where Editors created and ultimately started and finished recording their fifth studio album, 'In Dream'. Always a band happy to ignore preconceptions about their sound, skipping from their initial post punk influences to electronic experimentation, stark balladry and back to full on rock, and driven by a desire to create interesting music rather than what is expected of them, 'In Dream' represents yet another shift in Editors creative world, identifiably theirs from the off but unlike much of what has come before. Given the fairytale like shimmering presence of this solitary outpost of civilization in the grandeur of the Scottish countryside it is an album well named in more ways than one.
'In Dream' is the second Editors album to feature 'new' members Justin Lockey and Elliot Williams, stretching the band's geographical boundaries to the North East (Lockey) and the North West (Williams). It is also the first Editors album to feature a guest vocalist, more of which later. In many ways though, this is the first album for the new line-up following the return to guitar rock of 2013's 'The Weight Of Your Love'. Given that record was recorded in the warming up period for both new members the band , whilst justifiably proud of their first work together, have, with the benefit of hindsight, come to the conclusion that its swerve from the electronics that were beginning to permeate their sound was a product of finding common ground in which to mold a new Editors that could push forward as a unit.

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