Didn't He Ramble

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Glen Hansard / 民谣 / 2015-09-18


We couldn’t be happier to announce the new Glen Hansard album Didn’t He Ramble, due out September 18th. You can watch the video for the new single “Winning Streak” now on NPR Music First Watch.
Place your pre-order for Didn’t He Ramble on CD or Vinyl from ANTI- Records, digitally via iTunes, or through Amazon now and you’ll get the first track “Winning Streak” instantly.

Didn't He Ramble的曲目列表

Grace Beneath the Pines - 3:35
Wedding Ring - 4:46
Winning Streak - 3:19
Her Mercy - 4:43
McCormack's Wall - 4:38
Lowly Deserter - 3:00
Paying My Way - 3:33
My Little Ruin - 4:24
Just to be the One - 3:12
Stay the Road - 3:59

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