Man Plans God Laughs

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Public Enemy / 说唱 / 2015-07-15


'Man Plans God Laughs,' is the brand new album by Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers, Public Enemy. Chuck, Flavor, Lord, Griff, G-Wiz and the S1W's return for another album, bringing you all new music. In Chuck D's words "we're making a comment about the 21st century in this technological yet still political world. It will be able to tell its own story without me trying to talk to it". Still the most important Hip Hop group ever, there's no question as to how much they influenced the likes of Run The Jewels & Kendrick today, who have in-turn influenced PE right back, without losing their trademark sonic onslaught. Rolling Stone have heralded this as the most intense PE record of the century. Still lyrically as sociopolitically relevant as ever and still as sonically banging as you'd expect. 10 tracks, no filler, all killer. Heavyweight.

Man Plans God Laughs的曲目列表

1 No Sympathy from the Devil
2 Me to We
3 Man Plans God Laughs
4 Give Peace a Damn
5 Those Who Know, Know Who
6 Mine Again
7 Lost in Space Music
8 Corplantationopoly
9 Earthizen
10 Praise the Loud

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