Departure Songs

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We Lost The Sea / 摇滚 / 2015-07-23


Departure Songs is inspired by failed, yet epic and honourable journeys or events throughout history where people have done extraordinary things for the greater good of those around them, and the progress of the human race itself. Each song has it’s own story and is a soundtrack to that story.
This is our 3rd album and our first instrumental album. We’re exploring new ground and exploring ourselves in the past 2 and a bit years since Chris went on his own journey. It’s slightly bleak with shimmers of hope and layers of emotion. It’s a tribute and a catharsis of emotion and honesty.
Thank you for your support.
We Lost The Sea are:
Mark Owen – Guitars
Matt Harvey – Guitars
Brendon Warner – Guitars
Kieran Elliott – Bass
Mathew Kelly – Piano, Keyboards
Nathaniel D’Ugo - Drums

Departure Songs的曲目列表

1. A Gallant Gentleman
2. Bogatyri
3. The Last Dive Of David Shaw
4. Challenger part 1 - Flight
5. Challenger part 2 - A Swan Song

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