Marks To Prove It

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The Maccabees / 2015-07-31


The Maccabees have confirmed details of their fourth album.
'Marks To Prove It' will be released on July 31 and features the band's latest single, also titled 'Marks To Prove It'. It is The Maccabees' fourth album and the follow up to 'Given To The Wild', released in 2012.
The album artwork can be seen above. In a statement on the band's website, the significance of the image is explained "The photo was taken by David Busfield and captures an essence of a certain part of the record. It is of the Faraday memorial, close to our studio. It is an extension of the albums intended association with the area it was made, which will be evident from the videos and beyond as well."

Marks To Prove It的曲目列表

'Marks To Prove It'
'Ribbon Road'
'Spit It Out'
'River Song'
'Slow Sun'
'Something Like Happiness'
'WW1 Portraits'
'Pioneering Systems'
'Dawn Chrous'

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