My Love Is Cool

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Wolf Alice / 摇滚 / 2015-06-22


We are pleased to announce Wolf Alice’s debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ is now available to pre-order on CD and Vinyl. The LP, released on June 22nd, is pressed on gold double heavyweight vinyl with download code and limited edition (first 1000) signed art card.
Long-awaited and feverishly anticipated, Wolf Alice’s debut comes with lofty expectations. Fittingly, then, it’s a record that reaches for the stratosphere. Equal parts gigantic guitars and wistful, wilting beauty, My Love Is Cool is a timeless collection of songs that outweighs any preconceived notions of what Wolf Alice are, or can be.

My Love Is Cool的曲目列表

1. Turns To Dust
2. Bros
3. Your Loves Whore
4. You’re A Germ
5. Lisbon
6. Silk
7. Freazy
8. Giant Peach
9. Swallowtail
10. Soapy Water
11. Fluffy
12. The Wonderwhy

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